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So I have this object, and I am wondering how I refer to other properties while declaring:

var Chatter = function(io){
    this.base_url = "";
    this.debug_on = true;
    this.socket = io.connect(this.base_url);
    this.socket.on('acknowledge', this.acknowledge);
Chatter.prototype.debug = function(msg){
        var m = {timestamp:Date.create().format('{yyyy}-{MM}-{dd} {24hr}:{mm}:{ss}{tt}'), message:msg};
        console.debug('#[ chatter DEBUG ]# - {timestamp} - {message}'.assign(m));
Chatter.prototype.acknowledge = function(data){
    this.debug('Acknowledgement received!'); //This throws an error, claims #debug is not there
    this.uuid = data.uuid;

Calling this.debug() fails but on line 5, calling this.acknowledge works. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

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Learn more about how this works:…. – Felix Kling May 21 '13 at 21:07
On line 5 you aren't actually calling this.acknowledge, you are passing it as a callback to be called later. – Mathletics May 21 '13 at 21:07
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The problem is not with Chatter.prototype.acknowledge (see )

It's with the way you're calling it.

this.socket.on('acknowledge', this.acknowledge);

Calls acknowledge with the value of this in the socket callback (see this guide).

You need to bind the value of this to the context. Try using .bind:

this.socket.on('acknowledge', this.acknowledge.bind(this));

If you need to support older browsers like IE8, or you don't like bind, you can do so manually as such

   var that = this;
   this.socket.on('acknowledge', function(data){
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