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I'm using apache maven for build project, so i want to add my dependency javascript frameworks automatically based their version , organizing javascript frameworks , and download only modifiying label version . Exist some plugin similar like java dependencies or alternative with maven ?

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There is standard way of doing this using a feature of the servlet api version 3. Any jar can expose web resources (javascripts, css, images, etc.) that are located under META-INF/resources.

To solve your problem I would create a maven project of type "jar" for every javascript framework that you want to re-use in your webapp projects.

The only caveat is that the servlet-api v3 requires Tomcat 7, which in turn requires Java 6, but this is usually not a problem.

See this blog:

Servlet api 3 reference:

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Thanks for comment, so another alternative i found , using yeoman and bower get all dependencies, i'm doing SPA application using angular and the dependencies problem is fix :D . – cflores29 Mar 15 '14 at 0:22

It is possible to include javascript frameworks as <dependency> via WebJars:

You could then include e.g. AngularJs like that:


WebJars are also hosted on maven central repository:

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