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Is it possible to use MessageFormat in logback ?

I saw that it uses slf4j MessageFormat*ter*, because its faster as said here: Out of curiosity -- why don't logging APIs implement printf()-like logging methods?

SLF4J uses its own message formatting implementation which differs from that of the Java platform. This is justified by the fact that SLF4J's implementation performs about 10 times faster but at the cost of being non-standard and less flexible.

From sf4j Documentation

The ideia is to use the full stack feature of MessageFormat like that:

 Object[] arguments = {
     new Integer(7),
     new Date(System.currentTimeMillis()),
     "a disturbance in the Force"

 String result = MessageFormat.format(
     "At {1,time} on {1,date}, there was {2} on planet {0,number,integer}.",

 output: At 12:30 PM on Jul 3, 2053, there was a disturbance
           in the Force on planet 7.

anyone ?

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I think you answered your own question... basically it's a performance issue. If the slf4j implementations were forced to find and parse the parameterizations... well.. overhead that nobody seems to want to have in a logging system.

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