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I have a SPA (hot towel template) and use window.localStore for keep data in browser. I used export/import from breeze 1.3.3 and those worked perfectly while I cleared browser history in the first time of test, later I didn't clear browser history and those worked fine again export/import entities to window.localStore. But later after of many tests the browser show the next error:

SCRIPT5022: This key is already attached: Project:#Solution.Project--1

The error appeared when I had close the browser and I didn't clear the browser history for first time of test.

When I load the SPA, first I load the data of window.localStore and use importEntities function of breeze.

The SPA is loaded manager.getChanges().length result zero (0) and that is correct, later I call the next function setLocalStorageToManager to load pending changes in actual manager.

function setLocalStorageToManager(manager) {
var name = 'pendingChangesOnLocalStorage';
if (window.localStorage.length > 0) {
    var importData = window.localStorage.getItem(name);
    if (importData) {
        return manager.importEntities(importData,
            { mergeStrategy: breeze.MergeStrategy.PreserveChanges });

    } else {
        return manager;

} else {
    return manager;

The error appeared here:

manager.importEntities(importData,{ mergeStrategy: breeze.MergeStrategy.PreserveChanges });

For example in my test the window.localStore return two entities with id:-1 and id:-2, but in breeze.debug.js in the next function read the first entity with id:-1, but later read the second entity with id:-1 again and It was the error This key is already attached:

proto.attachEntity = function (entity, entityState) {
    // entity should already have an aspect.
    var ix;
    var aspect = entity.entityAspect;
    var keyInGroup = aspect.getKey()._keyInGroup;
    ix = this._indexMap[keyInGroup];
    if (ix >= 0) {
        if (this._entities[ix] === entity) { //-->Error here
            return entity;
        throw new Error("This key is already attached: " + aspect.getKey());

    if (this._emptyIndexes.length === 0) {
        ix = this._entities.push(entity) - 1;
    } else {
        ix = this._emptyIndexes.pop();
        this._entities[ix] = entity;
    this._indexMap[keyInGroup] = ix;
    aspect.entityState = entityState;
    aspect.entityGroup = this;
    aspect.entityManager = this.entityManager;
    return entity;

The error appeared in the third test (export data to localStorage and import this data) without delete browser history, I tested in IE10, Google Chrome Version 27.0.1453.93 m and Firefox 21.0.

Please any help much appreciated

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