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My first time posting here!

I have a form, with a lot fields and it's working great unless any validation error occurs...

If "validates_presence_of" is raised, a "ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid in ..." page is opened and leaves my form...

How can I get errors shown on the same page/form (as always)?

All the best!

My controller

    if check_cadastro == "Válido para cadastro"


      if @usuario.save!
        session[:usuario_id] = @usuario.id
        cookies[:token] = @usuario.token
        render :action => "edit"
        render "new"  


<%= simple_form_for @usuario do |f| %>
    <%= f.error_notification %>
    <div ><%= f.input :cnpj, input_html: { class: 'txt' } , :label => false %></div>
    <div ><%= f.input :razaosocial, input_html: { class: 'txt' } , :label => false %></div>
<% end %>  
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You should call save instead of save! so the if statement can fail, your object will contain messages in its errors object, and simple_form can render them next to each form input after render :new.

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Thanks Amesee!! is working fine now! –  OtavioLipari May 22 '13 at 13:46



which throws errors, to:


which returns false or true, with object correctly validated, so you can access errors with:

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Thanks Juan! Worked! –  OtavioLipari May 22 '13 at 13:46

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