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I want to write an app basically with just buttons that control original iOS music player. I've had some experience in AS. However, i'm complete newbie in using AS for ipa. Could you give me any suggestions for a functions that would play music like that?

Kind Regards, Artem

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Artem, I'm not sure that's possible (controlling the built-in music capabilities with a custom app), but if it is, you'll probably have to write an Air Native Extension (ANE) to do it. ANE's allow AIR to access native APIs from within your AIR project. They allow developers to extend AIR's functionality, but the cost is having to implement native code on all platforms - but since you're only interested in iOS, then you'll only have to write the library in Objective-C.

Here's what you'd do:

  1. Search the iOS Developer Library (or google) to see if there's an API to control the iOS music player (or background music - this StackOverflow questions suggests there might be.)
  2. If not, it's not possible. If so, read on.
  3. Write an AIR Native Extension (ANE) in Objective-C code, allowing your AIR app to access that native API. Adobe has a tutorial.
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