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I'm looking for the correct syntax to make a "double selection" in JQuery. I tried the following code but it doesn't work :

$('#list li').last().$('img').attr({ src : dataUrl, alt : file.name });

I get this error :

 Error: TypeError: $(...).last(...).$ is not a function

How can I fix this? Thanks

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$('#list li').last().find('img').attr({ src : dataUrl, alt : file.name });


It will select all the images inside the last li

The same a bit more compact:

$('img', '#list li:last')
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Works great. Thank you –  André May 21 '13 at 23:24

$('firest selector, second selector') if you want to select all elements matching first selector and all elements matching second selector


$('#list li:last-child img').attr({ src : dataUrl, alt : file.name });

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