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My question is similar to How to delete a workspace in perforce (using p4v)? but not quite the same. \

How do I remove a workspace in Windows, using p4 command? I tried the -d option, it says client deleted, but when I do p4 info, the workspace is still there. I'm using p4v as well, not sure if that's the problem.

Or if anyone knows how to reset the whole thing (like with SVN, you just delete all .svn folders), please let me know as well.


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I think that 'p4 client -d' successfully deleted your workspace. 'p4 info' is just showing you the name of the workspace, which is set using 'p4 set P4CLIENT'. Run 'p4 clients' to see the list of all known workspaces and confirm that your workspace has successfully been deleted.

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