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When I make a request through open graph to get the latest posts from a brand such as 'libtech', I seem to get some non post items from time to time in the results.

One of the results is listed as a type of 'status' and I think is a comment that was posted by libtech on a random post on our wall.

The request I'm making is as follows: https://graph.facebook.com/libtech/posts?fields=type,from,link,created_time,picture,likes,message&limit=5

View in the graph explorer: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer?method=GET&path=libtech%2Fposts%3Ffields%3Dtype%2Cfrom%2Clink%2Ccreated_time%2Cpicture%2Clikes%2Cmessage%26limit%3D5

The request needs an Authorization Token.

When I make the request through the API Explorer, the results are fine and only return posts. When I make it from my web server with an authorization token from the app, I get returned status messages among the other expected posts, like photos and videos. Is there a way to be sure the status message type posts do not appear in this feed? Why would the graph explorer display one set of results and a request from my server return different ones which include these 'status' messages.

    type: "status",
    from: {
        id: "107464664918",
        category: "Product/service",
        name: "Lib Tech"
    created_time: "2013-05-21T14:26:27+0000",
    id: "107464664918_10151649479169919"

Any idea why this is being returned with the request? Even when I make sure I'm using the same access token between the API Explorer and my server side request, the results are different.

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