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i am trying to add Font Lexia into my project but its not working. what i did was;

i downloaded .ttf files from here:

dragged two LEXIA___.ttf and LEXIB___.tff files into the project and added them to the target as well (i even tried copying them into Bundle Resources)

then i added them in plist file but of no use. (i tried using different names but didnt work)

i tried to get names in the code but its not appearing there

NSArray *arrFonts = [UIFont familyNames];
NSLog(@"name = %@",arrFonts);

enter image description here

enter image description here

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The ttf files need to be added to the Resources section of your project. Then the names you put in the Info.plist file (your Marsden-Info.plist) needs to match the filenames of the ttf files.

You entered Lexia-Regular.ttf and Lexia-Bold.ttf but the files appear to be named LEXIA___.ttf and LEXIB___.ttf. The names must match exactly, including case.

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