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i created a dataset named "state" from the built-in matrix state.x77 with two continuous variables (Population and Income) and two factor variables (region and area).

i computed mean income by region using tapply(), by(), aggregate(), ave() to see the format of the returned object.

but ave() occuring the error in unique.default(x) unique() applies only to vectors

the codes are

## Mean income by region
tapply(state$inc, state$region, mean)
# Northeast         South North Central          West 
# 4570.222       4011.938      4611.083      4702.615 

by(state$inc, state$region, mean)
# state$region: Northeast
# [1] 4570.222
# [...]

aggregate(state$inc, list(state$region), mean)
#         Group.1        x
# 1     Northeast 4570.222
# 2         South 4011.938
# 3 North Central 4611.083
# 4          West 4702.615

ave(state$inc, state$region, mean)
# Error in unique.default(x) : unique() applies only to vectors

"Why is the error occuring? how can i prevent it? "

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@flodel Thank you for reforming the question. – time May 22 '13 at 1:10
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This is a very common mistake, you need to use the named argument FUN:

ave(state$inc, state$region, FUN = mean)

otherwise mean will be interpreted as another grouping variable (part of the ... argument to ave.)

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Thank you very much. the error has been prevented. But i also didn't use FUN in tapply(), by(), aggregate() command. then why those didn't occur error? – time May 22 '13 at 0:58
It is because inside ave's synopsis (argument list), FUN comes after ... so if you do not pass it specifically with FUN=, then R will think it is part of the ... argument and use the default (mean) for FUN. – flodel May 22 '13 at 1:01
Thank you,Thank you,Thank you very much. i am a beginner in r. could you give me some advice so that i can improve my knowledge in r? – time May 22 '13 at 1:05

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