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For a school project, I've been trying to write a plasmoid in QML, and it uses a DataEngine as a backend. The DataEngine works, but I'm having issues getting the QML frontend to work.

The issue I am having currently is that I wrote my own QML plugin to access a specific file for read/write. After researching on TechBase, I found the following package structure (what is shown here is what I need):

package/contents/code/ (where the plugin is)
package/contents/config/ (where my config.qml file is)
package/contents/ui/ (where my main.qml file is)

Because the plugin is in package/contents/code/, plasmoidviewer is unable to find the plugin, as it is running out of package/contents/ui/. How do I associate the widget with the plugin?

Any help is appreciated.


I will ultimately use CMake to install the plasmoid (at the moment, I'm just running plasmoidviewer right out of the original source directory). If there's something I need to do with CMakeLists.txt, please tell me.

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I eventually decided to install my plugin as a system library. Not the kind of solution I was looking for (hence my question remains unanswered), but it works for the moment. –  hal7df May 29 '13 at 2:58
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