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I trying to extract title, description and keywords of url. The code below is working fine for a single line description but not for multiple line description. Could anyone help regarding this. It would be would If I could know how to extract image also like social bookmarking site does.


  $url = "";

  $fp = fopen($url, 'r');
  $content = "";
  while(!feof($fp)) {
        $buffer = trim(fgets($fp, 4096));
        $content .= $buffer;


  $start = '<title>';
  $end = '</title>';
  preg_match('!<title>(.*?)</title>!i', $content, $match);
  $title = $match[1];
  $metatagarray = get_meta_tags($url);
  $keywords = $metatagarray["keywords"];
  $description = $metatagarray["description"];
  echo " <div><strong>URL: </strong >$url</div> \n";
  echo  "<div><strong>Title:</strong>$title</div>\n";
  echo " <div><strong>Description: </strong >$description</div>\n";
  echo " <div><strong>Keywords: </strong >$keywords</div>\n";

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Maybe this works: !<title>(.*?)</title>!im, with multiline modifier. – elclanrs May 22 '13 at 2:36

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You can do this

$doc = new DOMDocument;
$title = $doc->getElementsByTagName('title');
$title = $title[0];
$xpath = new DOMXPath($doc);
$description = $xpath->query('/html/head/meta[name@="description"]/@content');
$keywords = $xpath->query('/html/head/meta[name@="keywords"]/@content');
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