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Want to know the whole character set whose characters have to be escaped in an Objective-C NSString object in order to be recognized properly, e.g. " has to be escaped as \", as in

NSString *temporaryString = @"That book is dubbed as \"the little book\".";

Is the character set same with the one in C language char * string?

Thanks for your help :D

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The only characters that have to be escaped are the " (double-quote) and \ (backslash) characters.

There are other special character literals such as \n that have special meaning but those are really a separate issue.

Objective-C NSString values use the same set of special character literals as C.

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And the % sign! –  neilb Oct 21 '14 at 4:56
@neilb The % characters does not need to be escaped in an NSString literal unless you are talking about in a format string. But the question isn't about format strings. –  rmaddy Oct 21 '14 at 5:00

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