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I wrote this query to find the number of purchases for which there are at least 1000 other purchases, but only if ServiceType, GST and PaymentType are the same.

I was thinking of adding an index to make this query faster, I thought an bitmap index would be the way to go and create this on ServiceType, PaymentType and GST columns.

What is the best index to speed up the query above?



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B-Tree Indexes (default)

BITMAP Indexes : It is used when the number of distinct values is very less also mostly used on tables that are very less updated or not updated at all.

REVERSE Key Indexes : It is used in RAC to prevent the hotspots.

PARTITIONED Indexes (local / global). (local partitioned indexes use the same partitioning scheme that the table is using and global partitioned indexes can have a different indexing scheme than the parent tables)

CLUSTER Indexes : It is created on clustered tables.

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thanks that clears a lot up – Jim May 22 '13 at 4:15

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