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Can i define a dynamic query to jdbc inbound channel adapter?

<int-jdbc:inbound-channel-adapter max-rows-per-poll="1" 
    query ="#{'select * from work where status=0 and and test='' + test.testValue+ '' order by date_modified'}"     
    channel="test" data-source="testDS" update="update work set status=1 where id in (:id)"
    <int:poller fixed-rate="100">
        <int:transactional transaction-manager="testTM"/>           

Here I have a test bean defined and it has a method getTestValue(). This is not working. any suggestions?

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Try to use select-sql-parameter-source attribute of int-jdbc:inbound-channel-adapter

<int-jdbc:inbound-channel-adapter query="select * from user where lower(username)=:key"
channel="inputChannel" data-source="dataSource"
update="UPDATE DUMMY SET DUMMY_VALUE='test'" row-mapper="personResultMapper"
select-sql-parameter-source="parameterSource" />

<bean id="parameterSource" class="Class to extend AbstractSqlParameterSource" />

The class that extends AbstractSqlParameterSource is responsible for supplying value for parameter.

More details can be found at: https://gist.github.com/dsyer/472357

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