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Hi i am currently struggling to implement a simple search feature for a blog like site. To simplified i have three tables

  • Table user (user_id, username, and so on...)
  • Table post (post_id, post_title, post_pic, post_date, and so on)
  • Table post_detail (pd_id, pd_text, post_id [FK])
  • Table Tags (tag_id, tag_name)
  • Table Post_Tag (tag_id, post_id)

I am trying to implement a search query using Full-Text-Search which the query will return articles and sort them based on its relevancy.

So far i have come up with this kind of query

SELECT post.post_id, post_title,
        MATCH(post_title) AGAINST ('keyword goes here' IN BOOLEAN MODE) * 5 AS title_rank,
        MATCH(postdetails_text) AGAINST ('keyword goes here' IN BOOLEAN MODE) * 2 AS content_rank,
        post_picture, username,
        post_date, post_status,
            ORDER BY tag_text
            SEPARATOR ',') AS tags
FROM tbl_user AS user, tbl_post AS post,
tbl_post_detail AS details,
tbl_tag AS tag, tbl_post_tag AS map
WHERE map.post_id = post.post_id
AND details.post_id = post.post_id
AND tag.tag_id = map.tag_id
AND member.user_id= post.user_id
AND post.post_deleted = 'no'
MATCH(post_title) AGAINST ('keyword goes here' IN BOOLEAN MODE)
OR MATCH(postdetails_text) AGAINST ('keyword goes here' IN BOOLEAN MODE)
GROUP BY post.post_id

I have encounter some issue with this

  1. The query is not effective; since if i run some keywords (that i am sure exist in the data) it returns 0 result.
  2. I am not sure how to calculate the relevancy for tags, since i would like to calculate the relevancy based on the following rules:

    • Title relevancy takes the first priority (in the context of relevancy)
    • Tags takes the second priority (in the context of relevancy)
    • Content takes the third priority (in the context of relevancy)

I have tried to add the following line to the WHERE clause (and of course SELECT to see its rank):

SELECT MATCH(tags) AGAINST ('some keywords' IN BOOLEAN MODE) * 3 AS tags_rank
AND MATCH(tags) AGAINST ('some keywords' IN BOOLEAN MODE)

However i am getting the obvious error of MySQL not recognizing the 'tags'.

  • I would then take the average of these three ranks and display it on another column (i.e'overall_relevancy') - I am guessing i have to declare a variable somewhere in my Query, but i am not sure how (or better yet, how it will impact the query performance).

edited: One way that i tried is by adding this line

(MATCH(postdetails_text) AGAINST ('some keyword') * 2 + MATCH(post_title) AGAINST ('some keyword') * 5) /2 AS overall_rank
  • I would finally sort the result based on its overall_relevancy (This is actually not a big problem here).

Can anyone point me to the right direction? or have a good reading materials about best-practices to implement FULL-TEXT-SEARCH using MySQL?


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