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Very simple:

Open a console, and type

mkdir abc > output.txt

it creates a file called output.txt which is empty.

now repeat

mkdir abc > output.txt

This displays on the command window:

A subdirectory or file abc already exists

but does not output this to the txt.


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You're redirecting standard output to your file; errors are typically reported on standard error, which is a different output stream. To redirect standard error, you can do this:

mkdir abc 2> output.txt

Or, if you want to combine both streams and direct them together:

mkdir abc 2>&1 >output.txt

More details here.

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thanks guys. :) –  dwjohnston May 22 '13 at 5:52

Because the output of mkdir for the second call goes to stderr instead of stdout.

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This will silently create a folder, if it exists or not.

mkdir abc 2>nul
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