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I need to create a database table from here:

So, I copied the same file to a server folder using curl command. I need to retrieve 00-00-00 (hex) XEROX CORPORATION, 00-00-01 (hex) XEROX CORPORATION etc. from the above text file. I need to copy only the hex values and the first line of organisation to another text file.

How can I do it with PHP?

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  // open the input and the output
  $fp = fopen("http://standards.ieee.org/develop/regauth/oui/oui.txt","r");
  $out = fopen("somefile.txt","w");

  while($rec = fgets($fp)){
      // check to see if the line contains '(hex)'
      if (strpos($rec, '(hex)') !== false){
          // if so write it out
          fputs($out, $rec."\n");              
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Try this one

        $i          = 1;
        $a_line     = "";
        $first_line = "";
        $handle     = @fopen("/tmp/inputfile.txt", "r");

        if ($handle) {
            while (($buffer = fgets($handle, 4096)) !== false) {

                if($i == 1)
                    // here you have first line
                    $first_line = $buffer;
                else {

                    // check the $buffer contains the substring (hex) and XEROX CORPORATION
                    // if it contains put it in another variable

                    $a_line .= $buffer;


            if (!feof($handle)) {
                echo "Error: unexpected fgets() fail\n";
        // finally write the $first_line to a header file
        // then write $a_line to another file

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$fs=fopen("1.txt", "r");
$ft=fopen("2.txt", "w");

if ($fs==NULL)
    echo "Can't Open Source File ...";
if ($ft==NULL)
    echo "Can't Open Destination File ...";
    fclose ($fs);

    while ($ch=fgets($fs))
        fputs($ft, $ch);

    fclose ($fs);
    fclose ($ft);


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