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How to disable the right-click context menu on textboxes in Windows, using C#? Here's what I've got, but it has some errors.

private void textBox1_MouseDown(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
    if (e.Button == MouseButtons.Right)
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Do you mean in Windows Forms? –  Ali May 22 '13 at 5:58
It has some errors? maybe if you put in the effort to describe them, someone would put in the effort to help –  Ben Voigt May 22 '13 at 5:58
@Ali:yes i want this in windows form –  Amuk Saxena May 22 '13 at 6:00
Why would you want to do this? Perhaps your problem can be better solved with another type of control, say a MaskedTextBox, depending on what you actually want to do. –  CodeCaster May 22 '13 at 6:22
@CodeCaster: Ok How..? please give me an example of code –  Amuk Saxena May 22 '13 at 6:43

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try with

textBox1.ShortcutsEnabled =false;

Use the ShortcutsEnabled property to enable or disable the following shortcut key combinations and the control’s shortcut menu:

  • CTRL+Z

  • CTRL+E

  • CTRL+C

  • CTRL+Y

  • CTRL+X


  • CTRL+V


  • CTRL+A


  • CTRL+L


  • CTRL+R

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As a side note, ShortcutsEnabled = false also disables CTRL-C CTRL-V. Depending on what OP needs, this could be the best answer, or not a good one. Oh and ContextMenu = null does not work at all, you should edit that out, or replace it with = new ContextMenu(); –  Pierre-Luc Pineault May 22 '13 at 6:01
Thank you.. textBox1.ShortcutsEnabled =false; This code is running awesome!!!! Thank you for help –  Amuk Saxena May 22 '13 at 6:05

Try to do this:

textBoxt1.ContextMenu = new ContextMenu();
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