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I have two tables :TAB1 and TAB2.

TAB1 fields : itemid(p) and description
TAB2 fields : itemid(F) and parentitems.

TAB2 is subitems of TAB1 so I want to retrieve the all items from TAB1 and parent items equivalent item desciption from TAB1.

Please find the below Query.

    t1.itemid ,
from TAB1 t1 left join TAB2 t2 on t1.itemid = t2.parentitems 
    some conditions...

Let me give some sample values..


item   Desc
A1     aa
A2     bb
A3     cc
A4     dd


item   parentitems
A1     A1
A1     A2
A4     A2
A4     A2

How to retrieve parent items equivalent desc from TAB1 ?

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What is the expected output ? –  A.B.Cade May 22 '13 at 6:30

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I'm not sure what exactly you want, but it sounds like something like this:

    t1.item item,
    t1.Desc desc1, 
    t2.parentitems pitem
    ,t1_2.Desc desc2
from TAB1 t1 left join TAB2 t2 on t1.item = t2.item
left join TAB1 t1_2 on t2.parentitems = t1_2.item 

Here is a sqlfiddle example

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you have to use recursives. for more info see here

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Excellent link. Thank you. –  0xCAFEBABE May 22 '13 at 6:04
you are wellcome! –  Abadis May 22 '13 at 6:09

Below is MS SQL Server base query statement.

SELECT TAB2.parentitems, TAB2.itemid, TAB1.description FROM TAB1 RIGHT OUTER JOIN TAB2 ON TAB1.itemid = TAB2.parentitems

Good Luck... :)

Chamath Jeevan

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