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I would like to execute a query on a database on appfog but I don't know the URL for it but I was given the passoword and username, your insight is highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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You can connect to your database using your preferred method of the language you're using. See for more information (assuming it's a MySQL database).

The username, password, and host, are all in a "credentials" parameter, which is part of the VCAP_SERVICES environment variable. The page linked tells you how to access that variable in various languages.

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Thanks Anotonio for the reply I tried connecting using it but testing for connection doesn't work as I was trying to manipulate the database using work-bench, so the connection failed even when I have the fields such as mthe host name, username, password and others but I am not sure why it doesn;t connect, though I check with both the 10000 port and the 3306 port – Raymond Nakampe May 25 '13 at 22:15

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