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Is there any code for getting all exif data of an image? I want all possible data that can be extraxted from an image file(which the user will upload on my webpage) like bitrate ,file owner and security details. Also,if there have been any comments added to the image,i want to get that too. If an API exists to do these things for any file(video,text,image) then it will be really helpful.

Thank you, Shubham

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there is code here –  Rachel Gallen May 22 '13 at 7:08

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you can do this with php


echo "test1.jpg:<br />\n";
$exif = exif_read_data('tests/test1.jpg', 'IFD0');
echo $exif===false ? "No header data found.<br />\n" : "Image contains headers<br />\n";

$exif = exif_read_data('tests/test2.jpg', 0, true);
echo "test2.jpg:<br />\n";
foreach ($exif as $key => $section) {
    foreach ($section as $name => $val) {
        echo "$key.$name: $val<br />\n";

or there is a exif.js that will do it aswell

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there is also a jquery plugin available here –  Rachel Gallen May 22 '13 at 7:15

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