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I'm trying to get Durandal.js optimizer working on my test project, but it seems to generate nothing to main-built.js. I use the following command from node.js command prompt, in durandal/amd folder:

optimizer.exe --verbose true

Result is

Using default base configuration.
Configuring for deploy with almond (custom).
  "name": "durandal/amd/almond-custom",
  "inlineText": true,
  "stubModules": [
  "paths": {
    "text": "durandal/amd/text"
  "baseUrl": "C:\\Users\\Tommi Gustafsson\\Documents\\Visual Studio 2012\\Projects\\DurandalTests\\DurandalTest1\\TestApp",
  "mainConfigFile": "C:\\Users\\Tommi Gustafsson\\Documents\\Visual Studio 2012\\Projects\\DurandalTests\\DurandalTest1\\TestApp\\main.js",
  "include": [
  "exclude": [],
  "keepBuildDir": true,
  "optimize": "uglify2",
  "out": "C:\\Users\\Tommi Gustafsson\\Documents\\Visual Studio 2012\\Projects\\DurandalTests\\DurandalTest1\\TestApp\\main-built.js",
  "pragmas": {
    "build": true
  "wrap": true,
  "insertRequire": [
Deleting old output file.

Tracing dependencies for: durandal/amd/almond-custom

Then, when I check main-built.js, it is empty. Can anyone help me what is the problem? I have several AMD modules in the test project, including Raphael.js AMD modules.

My requirejs configuration looks like this:

    paths: {
        'text': 'durandal/amd/text',
        'eve': './raphael-amd/eve.0.3.4',
        'raphael.core': './raphael-amd/raphael.2.1.0.core',
        'raphael.svg': './raphael-amd/raphael.2.1.0.svg',
        'raphael.vml': './raphael-amd/raphael.2.1.0.vml',
        'raphael': './raphael-amd/raphael.2.1.0.amd',
        'tinymce': "../Scripts/tinymce/jquery.tinymce.min"
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In the same amd folder, where optimizer is stored, try running node r.js -o I've seen r.js sometimes choke about some dependencies, which resolves without problem when loading via require.js. For whatever reason the error messages won't show up when using optimizer --verbose. Typically the error message provides enough information to see where this occurs and if you've to update require.contig.paths or a specific define dependency.

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Thanks for this Rainer, it helped me find exactly why it wasn't working. Gave error that I was referencing a .js file in an 'Old' folder I was using where I wasn't loading that file anymore (stupid human tricks) – PW Kad Jun 5 '13 at 22:28
Thanks very much! This answer should be accepted. – Drew Noakes Aug 19 '13 at 11:14

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