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is there any tutorials or docs that explains how to register to a asterisk server using Jain SIP api in a java application?

i have already written a piece of java code that allows my java client to directly interact and send and receive messages to another client directly via p2p but i was wondering if i can enhance this app to instead register to a Asterisk server and send messages to that server which will then get relayed to the appropriate client.

Possible? Or do i need a different API to connect and register to an asterisk server?

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Two parts:

Part A: Yes, you can register using JAIN-SIP. The java doc shows that there is a REGISTER method as part of the Request class.

One example of the usage is (from this learning resource):

Request request = this.messageFactory.createRequest(

Part B: I'm not sure of the use cases for your client, but... If you're not going to have a dynamic IP for your client -- you don't actually need to register the client with Asterisk. In your /etc/asterisk/sip.conf set host= or host=jain.example.com as opposed to host=dynamic

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where can i specify the clients username and password? –  jonney May 22 '13 at 14:01

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