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We have a couple of projects configured in Each of these projects has following items in it's working directory (svn):

  • source
  • lib
  • db scripts
  • SSIS package(s)

We would like to know if there is a way to find out if there are any modifications in the subdirectory containing the SSIS packages? This would allow us to do a full build (including execution of package). We don't want to do this with every build since package execution might take some time...

Our other option is to create a project that does the complete builds at night time.

Does anybody have a nice solution to this problem?

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I would use the SvnVersion task from MSBuild Community Tasks to identify the latest revision on the SSIS package subdirectory. Then compare it to one you've stored in a file somewhere in your working directory or elsewhere.

If it's different, pass a property to your main MSBuild task with a flag instructing to build and execute the SSIS packages. Once that's done, update your revision file with the new new revision number for the SSIS subdir.

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