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My goal is to implement get and set properties on Javascript objects.

Object.defineProperty seems to be supported in IE9+ on a non DOM Object. I want it to work down to IE7.

__defineGetter__ is deprecated

There seems to be some workarounds aka "hacks":

// Super amazing, cross browser property function, based on http://thewikies.com/
function addProperty(obj, name, onGet, onSet) {

    // wrapper functions
        oldValue = obj[name],
        getFn = function () {
            return onGet.apply(obj, [oldValue]);
        setFn = function (newValue) {
            return oldValue = onSet.apply(obj, [newValue]);

    // Modern browsers, IE9+, and IE8 (must be a DOM object),
    if (Object.defineProperty) {

        Object.defineProperty(obj, name, {
            get: getFn,
            set: setFn

    // Older Mozilla
    } else if (obj.__defineGetter__) {

        obj.__defineGetter__(name, getFn);
        obj.__defineSetter__(name, setFn);

    // IE6-7
    // must be a real DOM object (to have attachEvent) and must be attached to document (for onpropertychange to fire)
    } else {

        var onPropertyChange = function (e) {

            if (event.propertyName == name) {
                // temporarily remove the event so it doesn't fire again and create a loop
                obj.detachEvent("onpropertychange", onPropertyChange);

                // get the changed value, run it through the set function
                var newValue = setFn(obj[name]);

                // restore the get function
                obj[name] = getFn;
                obj[name].toString = getFn;

                // restore the event
                obj.attachEvent("onpropertychange", onPropertyChange);

        obj[name] = getFn;
        obj[name].toString = getFn;

        obj.attachEvent("onpropertychange", onPropertyChange);


// must be a DOM object (even if it's not a real tag) attached to document
var myObject = document.createElement('fake');

// create property
myObject.firstName = 'John';
myObject.lastName = 'Dyer';
addProperty(myObject, 'fullname',
    function() {
        return this.firstName + ' ' + this.lastName;
    function(value) {
        var parts = value.split(' ');
        this.firstName = parts[0];
        this.lastName = (parts.length > 1) ? parts[1] : '';

console.log(myObject.fullname); // returns 'John Dyer'

Another alternative by John Resig

I'm not a fan of the code above due to the DOM element part. Are there any "better" options as of today? Most of the posts that I've found on this subject are at least one year old.

Similar SO thread

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for IE 7 the DOM hack is the only way with the drawback of the memory leaks that will happen. so it is not a solution. when i was thinking over the same problem the only solution that came in my mind was to create a compiler that converts the source for IE (or other browsers that don't support defineProperty or __defineGetter__) to a code using custom get() and set() methods but i never started on that. – t.niese May 22 '13 at 9:51
@t.niese Thanks for the input – Johan May 22 '13 at 11:14

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