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I have recently migrated website from my GoDaddy Linux server to GoDaddy Windows server. Along with the website I also wanted to migrate the WordPress blog that I have associated with the website. I am not a web developer so I have done everything following tutorials in conjunction with GoDaddy support. I have come thus far to be putting the blog up on the new server and restore the database backed up from the old server. I think I am close to resolution of my problem except for one thing. When I visit the blog http://www.shivsharmaphotography.com/blog, it redirects me to http://shivsharmaphotography.com/clients/shivsharmaphotography/blog/ and you can visit the link to see the error. When I log in to the wp-admin I can see all my posts, etc. there. You can see from the link that the theme and bg are as what I set.

I have uploaded the .htaccess and the wp-config.php (replaced) files from the old blog to the new blog directory. It didn't work after or even before uploading/replacing.

Again, I am not a developer. Could someone help me please? I could be wrong, but being so close to resolving the problem I have a feeling that it's something very tiny that's going wrong. I have already spent over 48 hours trying to fix this...but no success.

If this helps in any way, here is what GoDaddy support said in the last e-mail:

"Your domain tries to resolve to [redirected link as mentioned above. I can't post more than 2 links] when you visit www.shivsharmaphotography.com/blog. You have a redirect preventing site resolution. Please update your scripting to remove this. While we can assist with any technical issues that arise, we cannot assist with site development or coding. I have provided you with a tutorial below that may help you with your issue."

Any help would be MUCH appreciated!



I just discovered something very interesting. When I tried to visit the blog from the website, it worked! I check the URL, it showed - "shivsharmaphotography.com/blog/". I tried to go back to checking by typing out the address in the address bar and it did work with the " / " at the end, but not without. How do I make "shivsharmaphotography.com/blog" work?

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I think, this is url problem. When you are migrating wordpress site from one server to another server, so its create url problem like http: //theoldserver to, for example, http: //thenewserver.com is problematic. So download file from this site and put this file, where blog files placed on server. Then do step, which define on this url.

This is very handy tool Search and Replace for WordPress Databases Script" tool that's very handy (make sure to read the instructions and have a backup of the db before using it).


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