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I made a program on and that has Firebird 2.1 as Database. I have a server also that has Firebird 2.1 and Firebird ODBC installed. What I want to do is to run the program on a client. The problem is it doesn't run and return ERROR like:

ERROR[08004][ODBC Firebird Driver]Unable to connect to data source: library 'gds32.dll' failed to load

If I would install the Firebird 2.1 server to the client - it would return error looking for a database.

What should I do would anyone help me? Any help will be much appreciated.

My project supposed to be like a server-client, where on the server will be the Firebird 2.1 server and Firebird ODBC installed together with the database located at C:\My_Database\CLIENT_CUSTOMER.FDB and the application located at the shared files where certain clients can access.

Thanks in advance!

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The ODBC driver youre using looks for the gds32.dll as the client library - thats the client library name from the InterBase days. If you can change the ODBC datasource's configuration, change it to look for the fbclient.dll instead. Or as an alternative, copy the fbclient.dll to system32 directory and rename it to gds32.dll.

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Will work on that, as right now.. –  user2272747 May 24 '13 at 2:27

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