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I'm new to LateX but I'm starting to get a hang of it but I have some problems.. I would like to have section number in my header but I don't know how to do it. I'm using the fancy package and writing in article class. I have seen some solutions to make this work in Book settings but I like the article class better.

\fancyhead[C]{ \thesection}
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In the following a part of the headings I use. Hope, it's helpful.



\clearscrheadfoot                                   % clear default settings
\setheadsepline{1.5pt}                              % seperator line between heading and text

\newcommand{\headsection}{\thesection\ \leftmark}   % <number of section> <section name>
% \newcommand{\headsection}{Section \thesection}    % Section <number of section>

\renewcommand{\sectionmark}[1]{ \markboth{#1}{} }
\lohead{\headsection}                               % actual section 
\ohead[]{\pagemark}                                 % page number

\subsection{subsection 1}

\section[Title of section in heading]{Main}
\subsection{another subsection}

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