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I have been trying to read/write from/to a fusion table directly from my browser using different urls. For Reading a use " * FROM WHERE ID = '1' &key=" This works well and i can read data in Json. For inserting data i use " INTO (ID, Adress) VALUES (1, 'Prästkragsvägen 33') &key=" In this case i get the following error: "domain": "fusiontables", "reason": "cannotWriteDataOnGetRequests", "message": "The operation is not supported for GET requests. Please try again using POST." "code": 501

The table is set to public. How should the url for an INSERT command look like?



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For inserts and updates into fusiontable you will need POST requests. Your browser's address bar only does get requests. You could try console with jquery $.ajax or curl in a terminal

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