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Given the following example code using AngularJS:

$scope.thingy = new ThingyResource(); //Defined as an AngularJS resource already

$scope.thingy.bar = 'foo';

  // success handler
  function(data) {
  // error handler
  function() {}

I would like to know how to preserve the values inside the success callback, as it just gives a base angularjs resource object with no sign of the 'bar' value.


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thingy.$save() will overwrite the values of thingy if the request is successfull. If you don't want that you can do ThingyResource.save() instead:

ThingyResource.save({},$scope.thingy,function(data){//success etc...
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I'm not sure if this broke in an update, but this does not work. My $scope.thingy is still getting overwritten with what ever is returned by the .save(). –  Meeker Oct 1 '13 at 19:51

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