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I have a constantly developing application and i want to archive its DB. The DB tables structures constantly change. My idea is to develop non changing core structures (tables) of production tables. It will be something like physical DataMart.

For example if I have client information in Application DB, in DataMart I will have only information that exists in any release of Application DB (Name, Surname, Birthday etc).

Then I will populate this DataMart with data from Application DB. Then I will archive DataMart and I will do it for each release of Application DB. As a result I will have same structures in the archives for all releases. Is there any more effective ways to accomplish these tasks? Does anybody have relative experience? What products would you suggest to use (any budget)? Thanks!

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So then you are trying to version control the database along with the application? –  user220583 May 22 '13 at 19:51

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Your requirements can be met by database archiving solutions. Check out http://www.solix.com/solix_EDMS_database_archiving.htm

PS : I work for Solix Technologies.


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Your answer looks like an advertisment/spam. BUT, because it really could be the answer to the question, please, extend your answer, explain why that could help. –  Radim Köhler May 28 '13 at 4:48

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