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I am getting None in spell check

first i made changes in settings.py

    'default': {
        'ENGINE': 'haystack.backends.solr_backend.SolrEngine',
        'URL': '',
        'INCLUDE_SPELLING': True,

made changes in search_indexes.py

class JobIndex(indexes.SearchIndex, indexes.Indexable):
    text = indexes.CharField(document=True, use_template=True)
    post_type = indexes.CharField(model_attr='post_type',faceted=True)
    job_location = indexes.CharField(model_attr='job_location',faceted=True)
    job_type = indexes.CharField(model_attr='job_type',faceted=True)
    company_name = indexes.CharField(model_attr='company_name',faceted=True)
    job_title = indexes.CharField(model_attr='job_title', faceted=True)
    start_date = indexes.DateField(model_attr='start_date', faceted=True)
    end_date = indexes.DateField(model_attr='end_date', faceted=True)
    job_description = indexes.CharField(model_attr='job_description', faceted=True)
    country = indexes.CharField(model_attr='country', faceted=True)
    suggestions = indexes.FacetCharField()

    def prepare(self, obj):
        prepared_data = super(JobIndex, self).prepare(obj)
        prepared_data['suggestions'] = prepared_data['text']
        return prepared_data

    def get_model(self):
        return jobpost

    def index_queryset(self,**kwargs):
        return self.get_model().objects.all()

Then made solr_schema replaced it rebuild index..looked solrconfig.xml for appropriate chnages. Tested through django shell

>>> from haystack.query import SearchQuerySet
>>> sqs = SearchQuerySet().auto_query('spider')
>>> suggestion = sqs.spelling_suggestion()
>>> print suggestion


got none.

can anyone help me?

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In order to spell-check using the SearchQuerySet, you need to bind the spellcheck component to the standard query handler.

This is done by adding this to your default requestHandler in the solrconfig.xml file:

 <arr name="last-components">

For more information, see this thread: Solr spelling suggestions returns 'None'

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