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I am trying to search the users using LinkedIn API. I got exception

com.google.code.linkedinapi.client.LinkedInApiClientException: [invalid.profile.access]. You don't have access to the profile
    at com.google.code.linkedinapi.client.impl.BaseLinkedInApiClient.createLinkedInApiClientException(BaseLinkedInApiClient.java:3906)
    at com.google.code.linkedinapi.client.impl.BaseLinkedInApiClient.callApiMethod(BaseLinkedInApiClient.java:3781)
    at com.google.code.linkedinapi.client.impl.BaseLinkedInApiClient.callApiMethod(BaseLinkedInApiClient.java:3725)
    at com.google.code.linkedinapi.client.impl.BaseLinkedInApiClient.getProfileById(BaseLinkedInApiClient.java:1067)

How Would i handle this exception. I want to see only the users profile of the user who has visible their profile to public. I am using linkedin-j library using java

LinkedInApiClient liClient;
    Map<SearchParameter,String> searchParameters =new EnumMap<SearchParameter, String>(SearchParameter.class);
    searchParameters.put(SearchParameter.FIRST_NAME, firstName);
    searchParameters.put(SearchParameter.LAST_NAME, lastName);
    people =liClient.searchPeople(searchParameters,start,25);
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Can you share your code? –  Juned Ahsan May 22 '13 at 10:41
@JunedAhsan. I added my code. please check –  jackyesind May 22 '13 at 10:47

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