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I'm developing a single page app and this requires a lot of javascript code editing. Unfortunately looks like grails is caching the javascript files and i can't see the effect of the modifications I made until I'm not running a clean command followed by a restart (it is 100% not a browser cache problem).

I'm using the resource plugin to get my JS files but I tried with and I get the same result, no matter were the files are placed (web-app/js or web-app/assets/js).

The only way to see the modifications in realtime is to place the code in a .gsp file but I don't like this solution. Is there any setting to enable the hot reload?

I'm using grails 2.2.2, win7

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I am able to see my changes by reloading the page with ctrl+f5 in Chrome. – James Kleeh May 22 '13 at 13:12

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If you're using resources plugin (as it's the default in grails 2 I think), just add the following to the end of the url and you will se the changes:


for example:


Check the official documentation for other options:

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...or grails.resources.debug = true in Config.groovy – user2282936 May 23 '13 at 12:04

Try adding the Grails cached-resources plugin. This will generate a unique name to your file based on your content, so everytime you change your javascript file, a new name will be linked in your GSP.

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