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While using Shared Access Signature to fetch Table data using StorageClient Library 2.0, I am consistently getting the error "The supplied credentials '{0'} cannot be used to sign request". From GitHub what I can understand is that the error is due to sasCredentials.CanSignRequest returning false...but as per code in GitHub there are no scenarios where it is supposed to return it a bug...or am I doing something wrong here?

StorageCredentials sasCredentials = new StorageCredentialsSharedAccessSignature(sharedAccessSignature); CloudTableClient ctc = new CloudTableClient(tableEndpoint, sasCredentials);

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StorageCredentialsSharedAccessSignature type does not exist in Azure Storage Client Library 2.0. Hence, I am assuming you are still using an older version, most probably 1.7. As also described in the Introducing Table SAS (Shared Access Signature), Queue SAS and update to Blob SAS blog post, support for Table SAS was added in newer releases of the Azure Storage Client Library.

I strongly recommend upgrading to 2.0, which also has many other improvements in addition to the functionality you are looking for. For more details, please refer to Introducing Windows Azure Storage Client Library 2.0 for .NET and Windows Runtime.

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