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I have a table with 4 fields. Form values are saved in table, i want to concatenate two fields and save in third fields. I need to insert data and at the same time concatenate the values to one column. I need to retrieve the 'id', 'abbr' and save in 3rd column. it will be 'abbr'00'id'. Please somebody help me with the query to run. id is an auto increment field.

 id   abbr   trans_id  
10 |  mm   |   mm0010
15 |  ss   |   ss0015
20 |  ss   |   ss0020

Its for naming the PDF created by form. When i manually use $pdf-


It works fine but when i insert same 'abbr' in form the created PDF get replaced by new one.But mysql keeps the record with same field value. I dont know if there is any other solution..Plz help, developers...

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Use this SQL

UPDATE table 
SET thirdFieldName = CONCAT(firstFieldName, secondFieldName)

This is for MySQL. It will concat the first field value and the second field and update the third field with the value

For example:

| id  | abbr | trans_id | forth_field |
| 10  | mm   | mm0010   |             |

UPDATE table
SET forth_field = CONCAT(abbr, '00', id)

| id  | abbr | trans_id | forth_field |
| 10  | mm   | mm0010   | mm0010      |
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thanks,it works.But i could not solve my problem which is touse this field for naming the PDF document.Earlier wheni name it manually- $row['abbr'].'00'.$row['id'].'.pdf' it works but replaces previous PDF if 'abbr' is same. Now PDF is without any name but database has the new entry. Please help.. – Husne Ara Asma May 23 '13 at 5:36

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