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Willing to harness Tango library along with the very last release of DMD 1 compiler (v1.076), I searched the net in vain for the bundle.

Please suggest me any URLs I might overlooked or any relevant resources that could help me tackling the problem the hands on way.

Thanks in advance.

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Why do you need a bundle, specifically?

Here is the official bundle download:


You could also download a newer compiler separately, but Tango may not work with the latest compiler out-of-the-box - you may need to update the code in a few places to get it to build.

Tango is no longer maintained by its creators, which is why the downloads haven't been updated in a while. Some volunteers may be maintaining forks of Tango which work with the latest D versions. For example, here is a D2 fork: https://github.com/SiegeLord/Tango-D2

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Thank you for answering. I'm not at all interested in the D2 port (DRUNTIME/PHOBOS is OK). My firm belief is that there should be someone else/somewhere else using DMD 1.076/Tango in production given the bunch of soft written using Tango. –  menjaraz May 22 '13 at 13:54
I think I should ping larsivi: He certainly has more to tell as a prominent contributor of Tango. –  menjaraz May 22 '13 at 14:05
Bunch of software using Tango?? That certainly made me laugh... You can still find larsivi on IRC. He is working on his D-line programming language called Amber. –  DejanLekic May 22 '13 at 14:48
As is already mentioned, the bundles from the page linked above were the last made by me. There are however people, even companies, using the latest D1 Tango, with what I think is the latest DMD. They are however compiling the libraries themselves, using one of the several build scripts available. –  larsivi May 22 '13 at 17:32
@DejanLekic: It seems that the Amber project still relies on Tango as its current compiler isn't at a stage allowing bootstraping for the time being. As an enthusiast, I prefer to harness D1/Tango where language & library were freezed. I meant bunch of soft written years ago using Tango. Yet I follow prominent D2 projects such as vibe.d to keep abreast of progress/change. –  menjaraz May 25 '13 at 6:41

To share my findings:

I finally end up building with success a DMD 1.076 with Tango as Library (Win32).

I followed the detailed steps mentioned in the Tango's website regarding Win32 platform.

It works with 1.071 version onward.

I fixed an issue by changing a private extern (Windows) line of code to protected extern (Windows) in one module.

I noticed that Tango has undergone some changes since the version I used before (DMD1.056/Tango 0.99.9).

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