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I am trying to use the Mozilla crypto object in JavaScript. Here is my rather simple code in JavaScript:

$(document).ready(function() {
// Handler for .ready() called

function onSmartCardChange() {
// window.location.reload();
function register() {   
window.crypto.enableSmartCardEvents = true; 
document.addEventListener("smartcard-insert", onSmartCardChange, false);
document.addEventListener("smartcard-remove", onSmartCardChange, false);

The version of the crypto object is written in the console window. But an event is not fired whenever I plug/unplug my USB gadget. In ControlPanel/Device manager the smart card seems OK. I also installed Charismatics and Cryptovision software.

Why do not I get an event when I insert/remove the USB gadget? Is it possible that something is wrong with my setup?

Thanks, donescamillo@gmail.com

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I had some luck. I added the device in Firefox/Tools/Options/encryption/SecurityDevices. Now When I restart Firefox, plug the reader, start Firefox, unplug reader, I get an event. In any other case (plugging in reader again, starting Firefox without reader and plugging reader in) I do not get an event. Could the problem be in the DLL specified when I added the reader to Firefox?

Thank you donescamillo@gmail.com

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