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TFS 2012 Server Update 2

I'm trying to follow the following the blog below to achive creating a build service on another domain.

Specify the account used to connect to your Team Foundation Server (section)

The build machine is on a different domain b(untrusted) than the domain a TFS server.

I have 2 accounts


and domainb\tfsbuild

they both have the same passwords.

When I try to register a build service using TFS Admin Console:

Run the Service as: domainb\tfsbuild

Connect to Team Foundation Server as: domaina\tfsbuild

I'm getting an error "TFS254021: The account name or password you specified is not valid. Is it a requirement to have both domaina and domainb on a trust relationship?

its similar/related to this question i found:

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Basically yes. TFS authentication is based on Windows Authentication. It is possible to provide access to TFS from domains other than the one TFS is in but you must establish a trust relationship between those domains. Otherwise you will not be able to access your TFS server from another domain. Check out Trusts and Forests Considerations for Team Foundation Server.

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