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I'm trying to change the color of a background using jQuery. I've made an array with color names and their value.

If I do


I get the classname I want to use to find the corresponding color, when I do


I get an undefined, but when I do


I get the corresponding color:

function colorChange(){
    $('div.colorpicker ul li a').on('click', function() {
        var colorArr = {'greenyellow': '#d2db46', 'lightgreen': '#8dc13f', 'darkgreen': '#56a174', 'blauw' : '#3199d1', 'darkblue':'#326b9b', 'darkpurple':'#584586' , 'purple':'#985494', 'red':'#ca4538', 'orange' : '#e27a37', 'darkyellow': '#f8c040', 'lightyellow': '#e4de42'};
        var changeBackground = $('div.header_blue, div.reactie, section#adres, section#referenties_single div.pager');
        var changeColor = $('section#tevredenklanten h1, section#referenties_single h2.klant, section#referenties_single .wat_gedaan h2');
        var colorValue = $(this).attr('class');
        changeBackground.animate({backgroundColor:colorArr.colorValue}, 600);

Does anyone know what I have to do?

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colorArr doesn't have a property colorValue, hence the undefined. You probably want to try colorArr[colorValue]. –  Petr Čihula May 22 '13 at 12:49
possible duplicate of Dynamic object property name –  minitech May 22 '13 at 12:56
Gotta keep that one in mind as a good duplicate for every JavaScript question ever. :) –  minitech May 22 '13 at 12:57

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Since colorValue is not the object key but it contains the key to be looked for you need to use [] notation instead of . notation


When you say colorArr.colorValue it looks for a key called colorValue in the object colorArr which does not exists thus it returns undefined

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Access your object using the bracket notation, when the property name is stored in another variable:

colorArr[ colorValue ]

When using the dot notation JavaScript searches for a property with the very name "colorValue", which is not present, and hence returns undefined.

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Try below code

colorArr[ colorValue ]

We can access the object values by passing the key

colorArr["greenyellow"]= it yields the corresponding result.
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