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I am using jQuery's autocomplete plugin to create checklist. Had a series of problems but thankfully got solutions for all but 1. My problem left is that when I click on any checkbox it doesnt retain its state . Also i want to check the checkbox if list item is clicked.


<input type='text' id='inTestField' name ='inTestField' />
<input type='hidden' id='TestField' name ='TestField' />


var cache = {},lastXhr,selectedItems;
var autoComplete = jQuery( '#inTestField').autocomplete
    minLength: 1,
    source : function( request, response ) {
        var term = request.term;
        // ajax request to server

    delay: 800,
    autoSelect :true,
        function( event, ui ){
        selectedItems = new Array();
autoComplete.data('autocomplete').menu.options.selected = function(event, ui) { 
    var item = ui.item.data( 'item.autocomplete' ); 
    if(!(item.value == '')){
        selectedItems = selectedItems.filter(function(elem, pos, self) {
            return self.indexOf(elem) == pos;
        document.getElementById('TestField').value = selectedItems;
        jQuery(this).val(selectedItems.length + 'items selected'); 
    return false;
autoComplete.data( "autocomplete" )._renderItem = function( ul, item ) {
    return jQuery( "<li></li>" )
    .data( 'item.autocomplete', item )
    .append( '<a><input type="checkbox" id="autoCheck_'+item.value+'"  />&nbsp;&nbsp;' + item.label + '</a>' )
    .appendTo( ul );

enter image description here

Please suggest any changes required Thanks in advance

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so many views but no reply. Please help me friends... –  Amit Sharma May 22 '13 at 13:10
u got any solution –  wilsonrufus Nov 22 '13 at 11:28
no.i removed autocomplete and used my custom code.. –  Amit Sharma Nov 22 '13 at 14:46

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