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I need to create a separate Account for the Windows Azure Management Portal so I can allow someone else to login and deploy maintain the account, but be able to remove the ability to login if needed.

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You can do this by:

  • Logging into the Azure Management Portal
  • Select Settings on the bottom left
  • Select Administrators at the top of the screen
  • Click + Add at the bottom of the screen
  • Enter a Windows Live ID or Microsoft Account into the Email Address column
    • You can create a live account with an existing email here
  • Select the Subscription(s) you want available to the user
  • Click OK

Poof! You're done!

You can find the full article here

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How do you login to azure portal once your windows login is associated with different organizations. I see selection. When I login it just goes to my personal azure portal. –  RandallTo Jul 2 at 18:05

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