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When there were duplicate JARs with different versions, the behavior was very inconsistent. Does anyone know how the JVM deals with duplicates?

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The classloader searches the classpath in order, and uses the first matching class it finds.

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In general this is correct. However, it depends on the implementation of the classloader. For example, when loading classes within a web framework the deployed jar/war/ear/sar files may be checked before the official classpath. –  Chris Nava Nov 3 '09 at 19:18

FWIW, this is an example of a larger topic (modularity) that is addressed by OSGi and Project Jigsaw/JSR 294 in JDK 7.

Your question is good motivation for the topic: the venerable, simple classpath may have been a good idea at its inception, but it is certainly a pain point in today's age of high dependence on 3rd-party-libraries.

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