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I am currently attempting to get a list of all of the Virtual Machines that I have running under a Windows Azure subscription programmatically. For this, I am attempting to use the Azure REST API (https://management.core.windows.net), and not use the power-shell cmdlets.

Using the cmdlets I can run 'Get-AzureVM' and get a listing of all of the VM's with ServiceName, Name, and Status without any modifications. The problem is that I cannot find anywhere in the documentation of how to list out the VMs via the API.

I have looked through the various Azure REST API's but have not been able to find anything. The documentation for VM REST API does not show or provide a list function.

Am I missing the fundamentals somewhere?

// Create the request.
            // https://management.core.windows.net/<subscription-id>/services/hostedservices
            requestUri = new Uri("https://management.core.windows.net/"
                                 + subscriptionId 
                                 + "/services/" 
                                 + operation);

This is what I am using for the base of the request. I can get a list of hosted services but not the Virtual Machines.

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You can dive into the PowerShell cmdlets themselves and see exactly how they are doing it. –  JoeBrockhaus Jun 3 at 13:53

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Follow these steps for listing VMs:

  1. List HostedServices using the following ListHostedServices
  2. For each service in from the above, a)GetDeployment by Environment(production or staging). OR b) Get Deployment By Name.
  3. In either case, get the value for Deployment.getRoleInstanceList().getRoleInstance().getInstanceName().
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You would need to get a list all the Cloud Services (Hosted Services), and then the deployment properties for each. Look for the deployment in the Production environment/slot. Then check for a role type of "PersistentVMRole".

VMs are really just a type of Cloud Service, along with Web and Worker roles. The Windows Azure management portal and PowerShell cmdlets abstracts this away to make things a little easier to understand and view.

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Right - take a look at Get Hosted Service Properties - documentation here. –  David Makogon May 22 '13 at 14:10
Actually, when I list all the services, the VMs are not listed. Only the items that show up under 'Cloud Services' in the web based control panel. They have distinct names, so I am sure of this. –  maximumgeek May 22 '13 at 15:01
Any ideas why they have not provided direct API for getting VM because for setup having more than 500 cloud services it will take a lot of time to get the VM list. –  C Deepak Jan 21 '14 at 13:10

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