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I am trying to use prawn to generate PDF with Unicode characters. I checked that Arial font from corefonts package contains required characters, registered it, and chosen as default font:

 font_path = "/usr/share/fonts/corefonts/"
 font_families.update("sans" => {
   normal: { file: "#{font_path}/arial.ttf" },
   bold:   { file: "#{font_path}/arialbd.ttf" },
   bold_italic:   { file: "#{font_path}/arialbi.ttf" }

 font "sans"

Now I'm trying to output Unicode text in formatted_text_box like this:

  formatted_text_box [{text: my_text, font: "sans", size: 14, styles: [:bold]}], 
      at: [10, 160], 
      align: :center, 
      width: 330,
      height: 20,
      overflow: :shrink_to_fit

Unfortunately, text is not bold and there are no non-ascii characters displayed. If I change styles parameter to [:normal] it's OK, but I need it bold.

Moreover, if before the call to formatted_text_box I put this:

  text "anything"

The text in formatted_text_box is rendered correctly!

It happens for both: 0.12.0 and 1.0.0.rc2.

Am I doing something wrong?

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