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I am using the jquery.inputmask plugin and have recently run into an issue. We're using the plugin to format input fields for different telephone numbers per country, for example:

+1 (___) ___-____ [+1 (999) 999-9999]

The North American Numbering plan.

+33 __-__-__-__ [+33 99-99-99-99]

The french numbering plan.

These work, but the issue arises when we hit Germany.

+4_ ___-___-___ [+49 999-999-999]

The 9 is the number used by the input mask plugin. It incorrectly believes the literal +49 we want to add to the field is part of the values the mask is taking. We need to allow 9 to show up in the mask and not be considered a token. Is there a way to change the numeric mask indicator from 9 to something else?

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Try escaping the 9:

$(".german").inputmask('+4\\9 999-999-999');


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This looks great, we'll use this and simply escape any 9's we need to persist as literal characters. –  Jeremy B. May 22 '13 at 14:37
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Try to create new mask definition:

$.extend($.inputmask.defaults.definitions, {
    'n': {  //masksymbol
        "validator": "[0-9]",
        "cardinality": 1

And then your mask should looks like:

[+4n nnn-nnn-nnn]
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I tried this and it looked promising at first, the issue is, the '9' mask still exists, so any 9's are still getting parsed, for example n9n-n9n would still yield -. –  Jeremy B. May 22 '13 at 14:37
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