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I have a Jmeter thread group that uses the variable uuid several times throughout.

uuid is defined with 12345678-1234-4444-a123-${__Random(111111111111,999999999999)}

In other words, it starts with a fixed series 12345678-1234-4444-a123- and then randomizes the last twelve characters.

I want to run several threads at the same time, this gives the following problem: When I define uuid as a user defined variable inside the thread group, it randomizes once and then uses that value for all my threads. If I set it globaly, the same thing happens.

I will be running thousands of threads at the same time when I'm done, so I can't do manual solutions or read/write to disk.

Does anyone out there have experience with this? I have been through the documentation and Google for quite a while, but can't seem to find a solution.

In short: I need to randomize a variable, use that variable throughout the thread group, and run this thread group in several simultaneous threads. The variable should have different randomized values in each different thread.

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Suppose you can simply use Random Variable configuration element instead:

Variable Name:     uuid
Output Format:     12345678-1234-4444-a123-000000000000
Minimum Value:     111111111111
Maximum Value:     999999999999
Per Thread (User): True

Generated value

  • can be accessed as ${uuid};
  • unique for each thread;
  • preserved between different samplers calls flow of each thread (not regenerated during each reference).
Test Plan
    Thread Group
        Random Variable
        Sampler 1
        Sampler 2
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Works like a charm. Thank you. –  Jon Carlstedt May 23 '13 at 5:29
Brilliant @Alies Belik... but I am using a Loop Controller and not different samplers. The flow is: 1. Thread Group 1.1 Loop counter 1.1.1 SOAP Request Where do I place the Random Variable? –  Tanveer Shaikh Dec 24 '13 at 13:12
You can also use the Random Variable to select a string from a predefined list per thread (user). I used it to randomly select a search keyword for each virtual user. I created a variable with comma separated list of keywords, then created a random variable inside a thread group with min value 0 and max value ${__javaScript('${search.keywords}'.split('\,').length-1;)} and save it to variable keyword.index. Then where I want to use the randomly selected keyword, I use ${__javaScript('${search.keywords}'.split('\,')[${keyword.index}];)} –  Cvuorinen Jan 3 '14 at 10:17

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