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We have a Facebook canvas app called 5 Star Slots.

We use the Javascript SDK FB.getLoginStatus to detect whether the user has installed the app, and if not we redirect via Javascript to the auth dialog:


So far so normal.

At some point recently (I cannot tell exactly when) the auth dialog has started returning a HTTP 302 redirect to the App Center page for the app.

The user can then go ahead and hit "Play Game" and get redirected back to the app and everything works.

So the first thing that I want to say is that the redirect to the App Center isn't causing me any problems so I am not complaining about it.

But I am confused about why it started happening with no change in our auth code. We have several other apps that use exactly the same auth code which still bring up the standard auth dialog (not the App Center).

Is it some change within Facebook itself, or have is it something to do with the App Details Page?

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